What Sets Us Apart

Helping Little Smiles Grow Healthy and Strong!

You want your child to have a bright, healthy smile and you want them to keep that smile strong and beautiful, for life. At Malbis Parkway Pediatric Dentistry, we want the same!

For Drs. Kelly Jones, Kristin Correa, Amy Maher, and our team, earning your child’s trust – and yours – is core to what we do!

Why Choose a Pediatric Dental Office?

Early dental visits can have a life-long impact on a person’s comfort with dentistry. It is critical that a child learns that seeing the dentist is nothing to worry about; in fact, it can be a fun and entertaining experience!

Our doctors have completed advanced, specialized training, beyond their dental degrees, in pediatric dentistry. This rigorous education has equipped them with the latest knowledge of how to meet a child’s oral healthcare needs, as well as extensive skills in providing a positive dental experience.

Our doctors and staff ensure every appointment is filled with laughter and encouragement!

Why Choose Our Office?

Malbis Parkway Pediatric Dentistry sees only infants, toddlers, children, teens, and youth with special needs. We have designed our office to be child-friendly and engaging, with a nautical theme, bright colors and murals, plenty of video games, and lots of distractions, including fun contests and dress-up days.

Our staff has been extensively trained to work with children. Each team member is patient, kind, and will always go the extra mile to earn your child’s trust.

  • We use show-tell-do techniques so children understand what is going to happen
  • We encourage each child to develop good home dental hygiene practices
  • We provide plenty of positive reinforcement and encouragement
  • We offer useful, practical education to parents and children
  • We offer safe mild sedation options, including nitrous oxide (laughing gas)

Above all, we truly care about each child as the wonderful individual they are and praise all they accomplish: a cavity-free check-up, being brave and trying something new, success in a school project or extracurricular activity – these are all events to celebrate!

Schedule a Visit

We all look forward to welcoming your child and you to our dental family: together, we’ll achieve a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles!

Please contact our Spanish Fort, AL pediatric dental office and schedule a worry-free, fun-filled visit for your little one, today!