Visit with the Tooth Fairy


When the Tooth Fairy heard you were coming to visit....

Do you know what she did?

She made a map to visit you

'cause you're a special kid!

The Tooth Fairy is good and kind

so more and more teeth she will find

....When you lose another, I will call

and put it in my bag so small.

I'll fly away----your tooth in hand

and place it safely in Fairy Land.







Upcoming Dates our ToothFairy will come for a visit:


May 5th

June 16th

July 7th

August 4th

September 8th

October 6th and October 28th

November 3rd

December 8th


January 2nd

Feb 2nd

March 8th

April 12th

May 10th

June 14th

July 12th

August 9th

September 13th

October 11th

November 8th

December 13th






Pediatric Dentist Daphne, AL - Dr. Kelly Jones